Foreign Languages ​​TOMAZANI

Take off your child's future

Dear parents and students,

We would like to inform you that from Monday, May 10, 2021, the departments of our school related to the conduct of foreign language qualification exams are reopening.

This means that life courses will begin for the E class, FCE, England, Proficiency Cambridge and Michigan departments.

The rest of the classes continue the online lessons in the September schedule until later (detailed instructions in Teams).

Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you up close!

Our secretariat will be at your disposal daily 4: 00-9: 15 pm or electronically at .

Here are the IBANs of the banks for the payment of the fees.

  • Eurobank : GR2302601080000780200714356 (New Account)
    Beneficiary: TOMAZANI & CO OE
  • Piraeus : GR0201721360005136070126416
    Beneficiary: TOMAZANI & CO OE
  • Alpha Bank : GR2801401430143002002018559
    Beneficiary: TOMAZANI & CO OE
  • National : GR3301106560000065600129392
    Beneficiary: PAPANDREOU EMILIA

Please write the student 's name in the reasoning .

We wish you health, good mood and patience.

10 points of excellence

Our Centers since 1974 have led thousands of students to success, because they have:

  • The prestige, history and credibility of the "Tomazani Schools"
  • The approval of the University of Cambridge to conduct their examinations
  • Excellent educational partners, experienced and distinguished
  • Small divisions that ensure unbeatable success rates
  • Proven system and organization
  • Teaching through interactive whiteboards in state-of-the-art facilities
  • Multiple options for selecting program schedules
  • Discounts, benefits and favorable and flexible payment methods
  • E-books, the last word in course preparation
  • Frequent and immediate information to parents - regular gatherings

But above all we operate as a family, with personal care and interest for each student individually!